October 7, 2022

Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas for Perfect Escape Space

Most people will reply a hot tub when asked what their greatest desire for their yard is. The beautiful of a hot tub adds a level of sophistication to your yard that no other amenity can provide.

It’s like having your own mini version of a favorite vacation or hotel!

One of the greatest ways to relax after a stressful day is in a hot tub. You’ll need some privacy to fully appreciate it. There’s some favorite location for hot tub can be found, like deck, patio or at ground level.

While a hot tub may give you the sensation that you’re on vacation, we’ve got some useful advice that may help keep your backyard hot tub private.


Why Hot Tub Privacy Matter?

While hot tubs are a wonderful addition to a yard, they are essentially a private occasion. You’ll be wearing your swimsuit, and you don’t want the neighbors to see you!

Hot tubs are designed for relaxation, and if you’re being self-conscious it’s mean you’re not relaxed.

As a result, providing some privacy to your jacuzzi installation allows you to relax more and really enjoy the moment. This is precisely why you have the hot tub in the first place!

Build Up Your Fence

Outdoor hot tub surrounding by slatted screen
Outdoor hot tub surrounding by slatted screen | Photo by HydroLife

Good neighbors are those who have good fences. Backyards get even better as a result.

It’s time to invest in a proper privacy fence if you don’t already have one around your yard or your old one is looking tired and worn out. There are several options available to you:

  • The fence that made of brick with a stucco or stone finish, can easily match to the aesthetics of your home and outdoor living area. It’s strong enough to withstand insane weather.
  • Vinyl fencing, like wood fencing, provides the same degree of privacy and does not need to be painted or stained.
  • You can add privacy slats to make it opaque and create a private space with a chain-link fence, which is not usually considered a privacy fence.
  • Bamboo, a handmade branch fence, or anything else are all options if you want something different. If your backyard is too wide, just cover the hot tub area is enough to block the view.

Before you build a fence, speak with your neighbors first. If it passes through the property line, you will need their permission, and they may be willing to pay for some of the fences since they would benefit from them.

Plant a Hedge

Modern hot tub with sophisticated shrubbery
Modern hot tub with sophisticated shrubbery | Photo by The Good Pad

Hedges are a terrific way to keep your hot tub hidden from view, and they’re like nature’s fence!

You can purchase hedges that are already big enough to provide an effective privacy screen, and there are numerous kinds of shrubs and bushes that may be utilized to cultivate them.

For your hot tub privacy project, look for plants that don’t shed many leaves. If you discover a lot of leaves in the water, don’t expect to like your hedge!

Use Tree as Double Agent

Berkeley oasis that blend Japanese and English style
Berkeley oasis that blend Japanese and English style | Photo by Garden Architecture

There’s nothing comparable to trees when it comes to adding privacy to your whole yard, it’s not just for screening a jacuzzi but also landscaping.

Evergreens or cedars along your fences will grow over time and create an excellent privacy barrier for your yard, while also improving the view.

Trees are also ideal for holiday decorations, bird feeders, swings, and treehouses, which is an additional benefit. Trees are often a fantastic addition to any yard, but it may take a few years to grow it.

Screen and Lattices

Hot tub with instant screening to create privacy space
Hot tub with instant screening to create privacy space | Photo by The Good Pad

Privacy can be added to a hot tub area or any portion of your yard that you want to keep hidden from spying eyes with screens and lattices.

Ready-made lattice and screen options are available in many hardware stores, which you may install yourself. You may create a totally secure area within a weekend with just a little sturdy posts and screws.

Screens can also be made of plastic or other materials. You may browse for something that suits your preferences and budget.

Outdoor Curtains and Awnings

Curtains blocking attention for outdoor hot tub
Curtains blocking attention for outdoor hot tub | Photo by Fresh Patio

You most likely close the drapes when you want to keep prying eyes out of your home, don’t you? The great news is that you can replicate the same thing outdoors.

There are a variety of fabric and vinyl outdoor curtain and awning choices to choose from, which will delight even the pickiest customer.

You may simply connect drapes to your hot tub if it is already covered or pergolaed.

If you want, you may purchase ready-to-install DIY structures that you may put over your hot tub and remove during the winter.


Hot tub gazebo is designed for the ultimate retreat space
Hot tub gazebo is designed for the ultimate retreat space | Photo by Fresh Patio

Another excellent option for hot tubs is gazebos.

If you choose to have a custom gazebo constructed, make sure your designer and builder are aware that it will be used for a hot tub.

Your gazebo will have to be built specifically for them, since they are very heavy, particularly when full.

You may also buy and assemble “portable” gazebos from home improvement shops and hardware stores.

Look for a gazebo with a roof and side panels, so you can increase or decrease the degree of concealment as needed, and make sure it is big enough to fit your hot tub.

Pergolas, Roofing and Lean Tos

Pergolas provide a combination of light, shade, and privacy
Pergolas provide a combination of light, shade, and privacy | Photo by Fresh Patio

We’ve been focusing on privacy site so far. Yet, many of us reside in multi-story dwellings in neighborhoods as well. As a result, from time to time, you may see individuals on upper floors gazing into your yard.

You may be shielded from prying eyes by a pergola, roof, or even a lean-to-style structure.

Roofs, pergolas, and lean-tos have an endless number of design possibilities, allowing you to really get creative with the design.

You can even control the amount of light that enters your home using automated screens, allowing you to switch it on and off as you please.

Remember that most of these types of constructions will need planning permission if you want to add a roof or lean-to to your hot tub install.

Put it Inside

Indoor hot tub mostly more clean than outdoor
Indoor hot tub mostly more clean than outdoor | Photo by Homebuilding and Remodeling

Do you have a space where your hot tub might fit that isn’t being used for anything else? Maybe that’s the spot where it would be best to put it! Installing a indoors hot tub has several benefits.

Leaves and other outdoor debris will never be a problem for you.

It will also be a year-round benefit, whether it’s raining or not. In addition, you may place your home theater system close enough to watch the game or listen to your favorite music while you relax.

You’ll need to make sure that the floor it’ll be on is strong enough to support it if you want to put in a hot tub in your home.

They’re also rather heavy, so before you can put it in, you’ll have to check the measurements of your home’s entrances and doors.

Create Wall

Stone wall to give outdoor hot tub privacy
Stone wall to give outdoor hot tub privacy | Photo by Balcony Garden Web

Another technique to keep hot tubs hidden is by using walls, which come in a variety of styles.

You might install a contemporary stone-layered wall or a traditional brick wall, depending on your tastes. You might even construct a rock wall made of real or imitation stone.

Although you can’t expect any shade from the roof, you might need to install an awning or pergola to provide some cover over your tub if you want.


The degree of secrecy in a hot tub is dependent on where it’s put. Take time to investigate the lay-out and characteristics of your outdoor area before you begin your hot tub installation.

You may already have a concealed nook where you can store your hot tub, so all you have to do is add a few modest privacy measures.

Consider things like where the closest water and electricity sources are, but sometimes locating your hot tub between some trees is preferable than placing it in the center of the yard.

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