December 9, 2022

Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Emphasize Your Style

With tubs, showers, and tiling taking centerstage in bathroom design, bathroom vanity ideas are often overlooked. This piece of furniture, on the other hand, has the potential to transform or destroy your bathroom design.

Bathroom vanities can be anything you want them to be, whether large or modest, modern or old-world inspired, maximalist or minimalist.

It might be a pitstop for a quick refresher or the place where you spend hours pampering yourself both morning and night. It might be a space where you call your own or one that you share with your children or spouse.


Bathroom Vanity Ideas

It’s critical to find the right blend of style and functionality. These bathroom vanities will keep your bathroom ideas organized while adding character and personality to your space by selecting the right countertop material and designing the perfect silhouette for your space.

Consider both the practicality and aesthetics of your bathroom vanity when designing it. A long-lasting, functional design will be created if these two elements are balanced correctly.

We’ve created a selection of smart bathroom vanity designs that may fit into bathrooms of all sizes and styles, whatever you need your bathroom vanity area to be.

Modern Bathroom Vanity

You’ll need to design sleek lines with a clean design to create a contemporary vanity in your bathroom. There shouldn’t be a lot of detail or clutter.

There are certain design elements that should be followed in a contemporary bathroom. Try to create lengthy, continuity-filled lines that will encourage the eye to move throughout the whole bathroom.

Find more ideas about how to turn a vanity in your bathroom into a contemporary look here.

Modern bohemian bathroom vanity
Modern bohemian bathroom vanity | Photo by Three Birds Renovations

The lovely vanity enhances the welcoming atmosphere of this bright bathroom. The soft pink light of the vanity complements the carefree atmosphere of the interiors, which is made of cherry wood and pink marble counters.

Contemporary white marble bathroom vanity
Contemporary white marble bathroom vanity | Photo by Ali Budd Interiors

The timeless elegance of this marble vanity is giving it a posh and stylish look. The marble splashback and walls are complemented by the vanity’s smooth marble counters and bottom panels. The exquisite yet understated design is complimented by gold accents.

Industrial Bathroom Vanity

Throughout the years, industrial decor has grown in popularity. The various factories that arose following the Industrial Revolution were the inspiration for this interior design style.

We believe that the suggestions below will assist you create the ideal mood board for your industrial bathroom. Check for more industrial bathroom vanity ideas here.

Industrial bathroom with drum vanity
Industrial bathroom with drum vanity

Upcycling is a cool way to create a custom piece of furniture that you won’t find anywhere else, not only is it good for the environment to save and reuse things that were destined for landfill, but it’s also trendy.

This drum vanity is without a doubt the most striking piece in the set, with its unmistakable industrial tone.

Machinery industrial bathroom vanity
Machinery industrial bathroom vanity | Photo by Antonio Martins

Incorporating old machinery into a modern bathroom design is exemplified by this utilitarian-style bathroom vanity with a functional base.

The white wainscoting walls, marble bathroom countertop, and vessel sink complete the rest of the space, which looks very updated.

Small Bathroom Vanity

It’s easier to make a small space charming than a large one. You can concentrate on style in a powder room or half bath since storage isn’t as important. Pedestal sinks, wall-mounted vanities, and a wash stand vanity are just a few of the vanity options available.

Below we give you some ideas for a small bathroom vanity to charming your room. You can check for more awesome small bathroom vanity ideas here.

Mighty small floating bathroom vanity
Mighty small floating bathroom vanity | Photo by Nicole Franzenl

To create the bathroom vanity of your dreams, you don’t need an endless amount of space.

The classic wainscoting and vintage light fixture, as well as the marble sink and beautiful wallpaper, add big-time style to this little powder room vanity.

Mounted small white modern bathroom vanity
Mounted small white modern bathroom vanity

Faucet attachments are usually included with most vanities. Nonetheless, any area feels much more costly when they are mounted on the back wall in addition to the front wall.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity

The skill of re-purposing and reclaiming, as well as combining with stones, rocks, and bricks to create a strong and powerful relationship, is more akin to rustic embellishment.

Bathroom vanities in the rustic style are available in a variety of designs, so if you find one you like, your bathroom will soon be on a whole new level of rustic chic.

Take a look for more rustic bathroom vanity ideas that suit your bathroom here.

Rustic bathroom decor with industrial style touch
Rustic bathroom decor with industrial style touch | Photo by Nathan Waters

This vintage bathroom vanity stands out in a bright and charming farmhouse bathroom interior thanks to its dark wood tones.

It has a varnished wood body that gives it a cottage feel. A concrete sink, black mirror frames, and black metal hardware are all part of the appealing design that has industrial touch.

Rustic farmhouse bathroom with natural wood vanity
Rustic farmhouse bathroom with natural wood vanity | Photo by Sammy On State

Brick walls, stone, and exposed wood are just a few of the natural elements in this lovely farmhouse bathroom’s idyllic country aesthetic.

The beautiful vanity is fashioned of wood with a stone counter and a white ceramic basin made this bathroom more attractive and functional.

DIY Bathroom Vanity

You may also construct a totally new vanity from the ground up if you have more time. Repurposing an existing furniture item or, better yet, something that was not designed to be utilized in this manner would be the simplest option.

Try to catch some ideas from another DIY project bathroom vanity here.

DIY freestanding bathroom vanity
DIY freestanding bathroom vanity | Photo by Pottery Barn

The structural design of the room is adapted to accommodate single standalone sinks. A mirror, an overhead light, and a rustic DIY-styled table and vanity are among the features of each station. A wood frame, concrete top, and iron accents are all featured in the vanity.

Ladder bathroom vanity
Ladder bathroom vanity | Photo by KBIS

This bathroom vanity is both efficient and attractive. A vanity in a ladder frame is shown in the stunning stunner design.

Shelves, counters, and towel bars are all available on the rungs. If you want to make a good first impression, this is the vanity for you.

Smaller bathrooms, guest bathrooms, and powder rooms are all perfect applications for this concept.


Bathroom vanities with storage, whether it’s discretely hidden or boldly displayed in the room, are those that make a statement in the area. They’re those that use color, style, or material to do so.

Bathroom vanity styles may be found in a variety of modern, sleek designs as well as those built from old-fashioned or vintage-style furniture, depending on the effect you desire.

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