April 20, 2022

Broom Closet Organization Ideas for Saving Space

Cleaning always sucks but it’s even worse when you have to do that plus look for the right cleaner and you get whacked on the head when opening the broom closet.

With an organised and efficient home storage system, you will also effortlessly find what you need in your broom closet without wasting time.

Plus, you’ll have a place that makes you smile every time you walk through the door, at least less bummed about cleaning your house.

You’ll learn all the little tricks that make broom closet super functional and the perfect place to organize everything!


What exactly is a broom closet?

Utility closet storage organization shelves
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That sounds like a silly question, but it’s worth asking others how they store these office items. It turns out, there are some different ways this can be done and it’s worthwhile to listen to others’ opinions on the subject.

While performing an informal survey of people in my surroundings, I realized that they use different words to describe the same place in your home.

The broom closet came in first place but all of the terms have something important in common. This closet can be used for much more than just brooms it can hold ladders, lawn equipment, sports gear and so much more!

I’m writing this post to provide you with some advice on what to do with your cleaning supplies. You might not already have a place for them if that’s the case, get some great ideas here about how you can use the space in your coat closet or hallway closet.

Smart Ideas to Maximize Space in Your Broom Closet

Pullout broom cupboard ideas
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The best way to maximize space in your broom closet is by organizing it well so that you know exactly where everything is. You can use baskets or shelves for this, and make sure you are using every inch of your floor space.

These are some tips to keep in mind when you’re organizing your broom closet. They should help maximize your space and make your life a lot easier.

  • What goes in the broom closet?

What should goes in broom closet?
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I’m sure that your broom closet has turned into The Room of Requirement, with all sorts of random stuff. I tried to organize the closet in our broom area and found an old putting green abandoned in one corner.

Putting greens and other similar surfaces shouldn’t be stored in broom closets, but here are some things that can be:

  1. Brooms and dustpans
  2. Flat mop
  3. Vacuum cleaner
  4. Microfiber cloths
  5. Rubber gloves
  6. Toilet brush and holder

Have enough room for the basics supplies above but, if you have more room, it’s worth including these extras :

  1. Trash bags
  2. Stepstool
  3. Small emergency kit
  4. Lightbulbs
  • Everything That Don’t Belong Broom Closet, Declutter it!

Organized home broom closet utility
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Now that you know what the things in your broom closet should be, it’s time to get rid of all the stuff you don’t need. Things like putting green are just taking up valuable space.

Gather everything in your closet and group similar items together on the floor or on your dining room table. Anything that doesn’t belong there should be stored in a more appropriate space in your home.

You should start to collect items that you think are in your list of stuff to be kept in the broom closet before you take this step.

It’s time to declutter your cleaning products. Look at each one and decide if you need it or if it can be thrown away.

  • Time to Buy Broom Closet Organizer

Organized broom closet with wooden rack vertical divider
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Now that you’ve got the closet decluttered, it’s obvious how much stuff you have and how many groups/units of items there are in your closet.

You should easily be able to see how much closet space is available.

If you’re not done installing your shelves yet, a free-standing shelf system is always a good option. We haven’t even needed to install the closet rods.

You can measure the shelves, and then search for free organizers like baskets, bins and shoeboxes. They will increase your storage space so you always have what you need on hand. An old hooks also could use to attach your new clothes to the hanger.

  • Utilize Every Inch of Available Space to Maximize Storage

Organized broom closet with maximizing vertical wall space
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When you’re dealing with a small broom closet, the walls and inside of the door are valuable! If you need extra storage space in your home, take a look at vertical spaces to see if anything is useful.

Wall-mounted broom and mop holders are a good solution for keeping a cluttered space clean. This is because they allow several items to be stored in one nook or on your walls.

Another solution is to use over-the-door hangers or something else that you may use to hang things. You can then put cleaning clothes, cords, or other supplies on it.

  • Extend Your Floor Space All Way Up to Ceiling

Create more space by stacking additional shelves so you can use ceiling to store item
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If you have a small broom closet, you can create more space by stacking additional shelves or tiers on top of each other so they reach the ceiling.

It’s important to keep the most-used items closer to the ground so that they’re easily accessible, and put the less-used items in a higher area where they are harder to reach. Make sure you store heavy, large or bulky items at ground level.

If you have a hard time reaching the top, make sure you’ve stashed away some space for your ladders.

Save Your Time with Broom Closet Organization

Pullout broom closet design ideas
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One of the primary goals of any organizing project is to make your life more manageable. Spending more time on other tasks should be easier now that you have this time-saving system in place.

It’s a lot easier to find a cleaning spray than finding someone to come out and help you clean grape juice off your sofa. You won’t struggle too much when it comes time to try and pick up a heavy stepstool either.

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