April 22, 2022

Decorating a Stylish Nightstand for the Bedroom

Your nightstand must be more than a place to put your small change, lip balms and goggles. Nightstand plays a major role as one of the main pieces of furniture in your bedroom.

When it’s looking good and shines, you’ll be able to experience a better sleep. To have an efficient and useful workspace, you need to keep everything in mind.

However, getting a piece of furniture which is also aesthetically pleasing can be a challenge.


How To Style Your Nightstand :

Nightstand ideas with table lamp and photo
Source : By Sophia Lee

So, you may be wondering how to decorate your nightstand. Well, think about what type of personality you have and what kind of things you want your space to reflect that.

For example, if you don’t go to sleep straight away and have trouble getting enough reading done, it might help to keep a book on your nightstand.

Or you want to keep your phone next to you all night. Whether you want to put your phone on a nightstand or hide it away is totally up to you.

It’s best to start off with a design style and other items that you would like to showcase for your nightstand. The style you choose will play a big role in the decoration of your nightstand.

  1. Begin with Essential Part (Lighting)

Monochromatic oak nightstand table with wall lamp
Source : Devon Grace Interiors

When it comes to lighting, be sure to choose a perfect lamp for your nightstand. The height given by the lamp will add some interest and character.

Make sure the size you choose matches the space you have and doesn’t look too small or distracting.

Wondering if your style is too narrow? Don’t worry, getting a wall sconce is also a great idea, particularly don’t to stick with table lamps.

When you’re finished with the lamps, you can leave some books on top. It’s your choice whether it’s actually the book you’re reading or not.

For the final touch, maybe you can put in a little bud vase on the top right. It would be in the center of your work table, surrounded by other pieces of decor.

Blue wood nightstand with hanging lamp
Source : Katherine Carter
Floating nightstand table with wall lamp
Source : Rikki Snyder
Classic vibe bedroom with black wall lamp and wood nightstand
Source : Bespoke Only
  1. Add Natural Vibe

Natural wood nightstand decorating ideas
Source : Chloe Dominik

A zen bedroom should have a natural feel to it. Natural elements like candles or plants can help in achieving this goal.

Perhaps you want to pick something that does not require too much attention if you lead an extra busy life but still want to add some green to your bedroom.

Add some organic element to your space, with setting up a vase with fresh flowers, a terrarium with succulents, or adding a polished agate encrustation or conch shell.

Another things you might want to consider adding to your bedroom to improve your mood are candles or diffusers.

Natural vibe bedroom with wooden floor and nightstand
Source : Modernly You
Tree stump nightstand table with plant decoration
Source : No Longer Wander
Traditional floating nightstand with plant decoration on headboard
Source : Ashley Webb Interiors
  1. Get more with Art

Artistic wall bedroom with white nightstand table and floating shelf
Source : Reena Sotropa

Artwork is a way you can add an instant splash of color and personality to even the smallest of corners of your room.

You can display a framed piece of art, a favorite photo, or even greeting cards or postcards on your nightstand to make it look nice.

Vintage looking bedroom mix with wood nightstand table pairing with photo wall
Source : Katie Hackworth
Nightstand decorate with different layer of picture and abstract painting
Source : Cuckoo 4 Design
Minimalist scandinavian floating nightstand
Source : Chloe Dominik
  1. Finish with Small

Decorative nightstand with small sparkling ball and picture
Source : HGTV

Add small, decorative accessories to your bedside table like a coral bowl or a small cactus to get more natural vibe in your room.

Putting the most essential items on your nightstand is a good idea, but keep them organized and make sure they don’t get lost.

You can place a coaster on your nightstand for when you need to stop drinking at night.

Not only that, placing a coaster is an easy way to avoid any stains on your surface and it’ll last for years.

Mix and match look nightstand using clothes and accessories, perfume and jewelry, even extra linens.
Source : The Every Girl
White nightstand table decor with candle and coaster for coffee
Source : The Every Girl
Minimalist white nightstand table with pentagonal jar and camera replica
Source : The Every Girl

Always Check Your Nightstand

Having an aesthetically pleasing setup is easy, but the clutter can start to accumulate as time goes by if you don’t watch what you’re doing.

It’s important to keep your nightstand tidy because it isn’t any different from the other parts of your home.

Easiest thing you can do like place loose hair ties in a vessel, trash candy wrappers, and put empty mugs back into the kitchen.

Small improvements to your bedroom make life more pleasant when you get back after a long day at work.

Our surroundings can have a big effect on our moods, so why not make an little effort to clean them up and enjoy what you can?

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