December 12, 2022

Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Uplift Your Space

A modern bathroom vanity plays a big part when designing your bathroom space. Depending on the style and color scheme of your bathroom you can choose vanity ideas that fit your room the most so it´ll your space to another level.

The bathroom is defined by its vanities. They are necessary for keeping the room clean, organized, and attractive. They are functional as well.

The storage and arrangement of the room necessitate the installation of bathroom vanities. It conceals unattractive pipes and plumbing behind covers.


Modern Bathroom Vanity Design

Whether you prefer classic or modern design, and whether you desire striking bursts of color or understated décor, a vanity is the ideal focal point for your bathroom design.

Here we provide you with some modern bathroom vanity ideas that will help you build the ultimate relaxation retreat of your dreams.

Floating Modern Bathroom Vanity

Cabinets that don’t touch the floor are referred to as floating bathroom vanities. They instead provide the impression of being levitated or suspended in the air.

Because of their minimalist aesthetics, they’ve lately been gaining popularity, and they’re mostly popular in contemporary farmhouse, modern, and contemporary designs.

Blue floating bathroom cabinet with white marble floor
Blue floating bathroom cabinet with white marble floor | Photo by Some Studio

The geometric shapes indicated by the dramatic blue that colours the bathroom vanity, which pours alongside the wall, are prominent in this modern bathroom.

This blue vanity adds a splash of color to break up the monotonic look, as well as the other accenting elements, while the white marble wraparound backsplash coats every inch of the interior space.

Ultra modern floating bathroom vanity with waterfall tap
Ultra modern floating bathroom vanity with waterfall tap | Photo by Mia Design Studio

This unit seems to levitate above the ground, diving straight in with an ultra-modern vanity. There is a sense of tranquility and purity, as if you are entering into a space that is free of any impurities.

Turning on the water at a waterfall tap and watching water flow into a rectangular, integrated basin is like seeing beauty in its most raw form.

Wood Modern Bathroom Vanity

One of the most common vanity materials used to add a feeling of coziness to a room is wood bathroom vanities. Dark wood has a dramatic look, but light wood has an airy feeling that relaxes its users’ nerves.

Modern wood bathroom vanity
Modern wood bathroom vanity | Photo by Ars Visual Group

This contemporary wood vanity features a perfect place for stowing new towels and toiletries thanks to its curving back around to create a lower shelf. The surface of the top is clean, open and inviting, with a large mirror over the sink.

Grey wood taupe modern bathroom
Grey wood taupe modern bathroom | Photo by Shafiga Zeynalova

The small space of the bathroom design is well utilized, with a minimalist window that lets in natural light and a vanity shelf which doubles as a towel rack. The vanity shelf is simple, but it matches the bold bathroom decor including striped tiles and dark wood wet panelling.

Dark Modern Bathroom Vanity

The dramatic presence of dark bathroom vanities emphasizes sophistication, style, and depth. Despite the fact that dark presence conveys a sense of dread in the home owners, it adds to the bathroom’s personality.

Dark bathroom vanity can easily elevate the overall appearance of a bathroom when combined with the right elements and colors.

Modern black bathroom vanity
Modern black bathroom vanity | Photo by Ronaldo Rosa

How much time do you have to get ready in the morning? If it feels like you’re running out of time, this space-saving bathroom design is perfect for you.

The countertop area is taken up by a single vanity cabinet which has been designed to work with a wood top. There’s also room for more than one drawer beneath the countertop, a towel rack and an area for face cloth.

Contemporary black bathroom vanity uplift with pale wood shelf
Contemporary black bathroom vanity uplift with pale wood shelf | Photo by Viktor Kanishchev

There’s a lot of debate over which color schemes are the most aesthetically pleasing. White can appear too stark, black can be too heavy, and brown can be drab. However, adding a pale wood shelf beneath a black vanity is an easy way to lift the appearance without it being too bright or kitschy.

Colorful Modern Bathroom Vanity

Colors have their own language that modifies the ambience of a location while simultaneously energizing and calming the design’s energy.

As a result, it is crucial to instill a mental impact and create a visual statement in bathroom design by using vibrant, dynamic, and pastel hues.

Contemporary bathroom with pink wall paint
Contemporary bathroom with pink wall paint | Photo by Yumo Architects

A matte black faucet is the perfect design for any bathroom, no matter the vanity color. This finishing touch will give your bath a moody vibe and is guaranteed to impress.

Bold bathroom with velvet color scheme
Bold bathroom with velvet color scheme | Photo by Tamara Batsmanova

Bathroom vanities are available in a variety of shapes and designs. They can serve as a focal point in the room or an understated complement to other decor. Vanities with unique faucets stand out, adding personality to any bathroom.

Double Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity

Couples and siblings may use the bathroom at the same time, as well as personalize their lavatories with their own goods, with double sink bathroom vanities you can make this happen.

Contemporary bathroom with double sink vanity
Contemporary bathroom with double sink vanity | Photo by Darkroom

Bathroom spaces are often cramped and can be a source of contention for couples who share a bathroom. A double sink vanity is an excellent solution for those couples. With plenty of space for each person to get ready, there will no longer be any fighting over the mirror space or getting in the other’s way.

Colorful bathroom design with unique vessel sinks
Colorful bathroom design with unique vessel sinks | Photo by FRUKTOV INTERIORS

When it comes to designing the bathroom, there are many factors to consider. One important aspect is the décor, which can make or break a design.

The best way to add character and create a cheerful atmosphere is by incorporating bright and colorful accents. The bathroom’s unpretentious plain appearance makes it an inviting space that’s always ready for use.


The proper vanity may function as a central focal point in your bathroom, providing a sense of elegance, modernism, or traditional classic design regardless of your style or décor choice.

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