August 2, 2022

Pick Shutter Colors that Goes Well with Brown Brick House

Having a nice looking exterior and curb appeal means your interior is going to be good as well. Painting your shutters can completely transform the appearance of your home.

But you might ask what color shutter will contrast nicely with the brown bricks?

Compared to other colors like red, tawny brick is more neutral. You will also have an easier time finding the right colors to pair with it.

Yes, although that’s true. However, some shutter tones can result in something worse.

So, what you need to do to make your home stand out with just some minor touch? Let’s read this tips!


What Colors Look Good with Brown Brick?

The nice thing here is that they matched each white element so there are no clashes. It’s easy to do with painted finishes but much harder when things come factory colored.
Beautiful brown brick estate home with white shutters, trim, columns and a wood front door.

By adjusting the shutter colors, you will make the overall look brighter and more colorful. You can keep the same color family as your brick, but use lighter colors or go with bold can add refreshing touch to your house.

It’s best to use colors that match the brick color, such as black, light brown, or natural wood.

Shutters in colorful patterns will make the exterior of your home look elegant and sophisticated.

Wood Tones to Create Cozy or Elegant Ambience

Brown brick home exterior with wood color shutters
Here is example of perfect combination about brown brick house pairing with natural wood shutter

If you have a brown brick house, then choosing a wood-colored paint color for your shutters can give it a cozy and elegant appearance.

Brown bricks and wood tones make excellent combinations. That’s why a combination always works as a safe option when you are undecided or unsure.

The house pictured above is a gorgeous example of. You can see how the house appears warm and inviting because of the tawny brick and wood shutters. The house has dark brown roofs that complement the design and make it look even more elegant.

Often synonymous with the traditional style of architecture, shutters began to take on a purely aesthetic role in architecture. Some would argue, however, that the departure from the shutters original design has decreased the aesthetic styling of homes, and may not be necessary or suitable for all projects.
Traditional Brown Brick House with Natural Wood Shutters Built by Sage Built Homes
 For most of recorded history, architects and designers have been using real wood to make shutters. The newer material types attempt, to varying degrees, to match the look of real wood.
Dark natural wood shutter with white trim for brown brick house

Get Striking Look with Black Shutter

Black is another color that you can choose when painting the shutters on a brown brick house. The combination of the two colors can create a bold look, as you can see in the photo below.

In simple terms, we can say that the dark shutters give an old building a new feel when it’s installed on tawny brick. The result of this combination is clearly timeless and will never go out of style.

That’s why it is great for you if you dislike doing home remodeling often.

Brown brick house using black batten shutters as combination color
Miratec Board & Black Batten Shutters on Brown Brick House
Shutter will add to the value and appeal of your home with black you will look bold.
Brown Brick Colonial House with Black Shutter and White Trim Painting by Frank Riley
Elegant colonial brown brick house with black shutter
Black shutters add an elegant touch to this colonial brown brick house with its luxurious and classic doorway.
Historic Colonial Home with Black Shutter from Donald Lococo
Historic Colonial Home with Black Shutter combine with White Trim from Donald Lococo
Transitional brown brick house with black shutters
Erase all of ordinary impression from brown brick with bold accent from black shutter

Brown for a Cozier and More Elegant Look

The most common color for a shutter is usually white, but brown can also work nicely on a tawny brick house. Pairing brown with brown is undoubtedly the most effortless option in this category.

If you ask about the final result, we can say that it’s more or less the same as a tawny brick house with brick-colored shutters. The difference is that this one has less of a natural value than the wood tone shutter.

Notice subtle hints of dark brown buried in the leather brown that enhance the color of the brick. Then choose lighter accents for the trim like Biscuit, Homburg Gray, and Antler Velvet.
Brown brick house with leather brown bound shutter paint from Sherwin Williams
Blending brown shutter with brick house that have brown color can be match too.
One great example of when this look works well is where the reddish brown shutters blend in with the exterior brick. The best part about this look is that it seamlessly includes the red-brown garage door.
Brown brick house with light brown shutter
Definition perfect combination of brown brick house combine with brown shutter that match perfectly


Brown shutters for brown brick house
It’s not bad idea to combine brown brick house with using brown color shutter

An exterior shutter is a very important part of the outside of your home. Updating your shutters can give your home a face-lift. They’ll instantly increase curb appeal and resale value, plus they’ll add the character and charm that you’re looking for.

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