December 13, 2022

Stylish Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Solve Storage Problems

When you have small space for your bathroom then several problems will comes to you, here with small bathroom vanity ideas it will save you.

Never limit the design of your bathroom vanity by using space. There are a variety of options to choose from even for modest bathroom vanities.

There are limitless options for your small bathroom vanity if you paint it in various colors, use varied finishes, or design it in a diverse form.


Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

The ideal vanity may assist you live bigger in your tight square footage when your bathroom is short on space. A small place can be accommodated with smart vanity designs, which include style and storage.

Without taking up too much space, these small bathroom vanity ideas make a big statement.

Rustic Small Bathroom Vanities

One of the most popular bathroom vanity styles right now is the rustic bathroom vanity.

This design will not just provide a more pleasant and calming atmosphere in the bathroom, but it will also provide a warmer feeling.

Small bathroom in rustic style with wood vanity
Small bathroom in rustic style with wood vanity | Photo by High Camp Home

A rustic design can be enhanced by using stones and rocks with wood. Rocks and stones can be used to create a natural look in your rustic design. By pairing them with unique woods, you can create an appealing presentation that is both timeless and unique.

Small rustic bathroom log cabin with stained walls and wooden vanity
Small rustic bathroom log cabin with stained walls and wooden vanity | Photo by Iron Mountain Construction

This beautiful rustic bathroom design above was located at Mt. Hood. Even in narrow space, this bathroom was stunning with wall sconces lighting above wood vanity.

Modern Small Bathroom Vanities

Remember that traditional elements are in direct opposition to the naturalism and simplicity of modern vanities. They’re usually big on embellishments in style and function, and they generally reflect a significantly more vintage, historic design.

Modern small bathroom vanity with open shelves concept
Modern small bathroom vanity with open shelves concept | Photo by Oppein Home

Open shelving in the bathroom can be a convenient way to store items since they are readily accessible. When you get wet hands, the ingenious design of this bathroom vanity prevents stains from forming on the cabinet door.

Not only is it attractive to mix open shelves with closed cabinets, but it also makes sense from a practical standpoint.

Modern luxury small bathroom vanity
Modern luxury small bathroom vanity | Photo by SFN Architecture

The stone-clad backdrop is brightened with potted greenery and metallic copper accents in this luxury small bathroom design. Reflections of tropical plant bathroom wall decor may be seen in the mirror, which spans the length of the room.

Small Industrial Bathroom Vanities

Bathrooms are frequently given a sleek showroom style, with several designs centered on cleanliness.

As a result, introducing industrial home decor to the bathroom might necessitate a change in perspective and give your space a new feeling.

Small industrial bathroom style
Small industrial bathroom style | Photo by Rock Creek Builders

To customize your room, utilize discovered objects. Consider license plates and bicycle tyres, as well as street signs and metal mail boxes, that you may discover around a garage. It´ll create an industrial vibe in your space.

Industrial style bathroom with metal faucets
Industrial style bathroom with metal faucets | Photo by Man-man

Shower fittings and bathroom faucets may be made from exposed copper pipework.

Add sleek matching accent pieces like a copper industrial style vase to minimize the effect that your bathroom is simply unfinished.

Wood Small Bathroom Vanities

When talking about wooden vanities, they will usually be associated with a farmhouse or something that is close to a rustic theme.

However, wooden vanities are not only fit for rustic or farmhouse theme when it comes into designing your room.

Simple wooden bathroom vanity
Simple wooden bathroom vanity | Photo by Hemtrevligt

The vanity is completely unfinished, with just a few wood screws holding it together. The natural tones of the wood give the bathroom an interesting rustic look and feel that you wouldn’t typically find in a more polished space.

This bathroom vanity would be perfect for someone who loves character and wants to add some unique features to their bathroom without going overboard.

Wood and stone bathroom vanity
Wood and stone bathroom vanity

Natural elements are featured in this beautiful bathroom vanity. Natural grains and hues in stone, wood, and metal are used to create this design. A concrete foundation supports the gorgeous stone basin.

A discreet drawer and a large towel and magazine shelf are included in the floating vanity’s intricate construction.

Freestanding Small Bathroom Vanities

The use of freestanding cabinets is another frequent option for bathroom storage. These cabinets are simple to relocate since they aren’t attached to the wall in any manner.

Freestanding rustic bathroom vanity ideas
Freestanding rustic bathroom vanity ideas

This bathroom design features a freestanding rustic vanity as the focal point, and it features a lovely combination of earthy and natural tones and textures. The unfinished texture gives the wood vanity a dark ash color.

Freestanding small bathroom vanity
Freestanding small bathroom vanity | Photo by Nicole Lamotte

Because it is freestanding, a vanity has the potential to look more delicate and small than its built-in counterparts. To create a more spacious look, choose a unit with lower shelf storage. To keep loose items neat on the shelf, use baskets.


We’ve mentioned a few of the minor bathroom vanity ideas options available in the sections above, and there are various more to choose from.

They help you save space and provide a bit of elegance and style to your small bathroom, as well as your powder room. We hope you find inspiration in our small bathroom vanity ideas.

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