August 5, 2022

U-Shaped Kitchen with Peninsula to Maximize your Space

U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula is a good option for homeowners who have plenty of kitchen space. This is because it is visually attractive and offers a wide range of versatile functionality.

For larger kitchen spaces, some homeowners may want to consider adding a kitchen island to their design. This way, you have more options for adding extra storage space.

U-shaped kitchens with a peninsula can be a great option if you want to add some extra kitchen space to your house. You’ll be able to use it for socializing, entertaining and cooking. Plus, you can use it to clean as well.


What is U-Shaped Kitchen Layout About?

U-shaped kitchen with darkwood cabinet to get more storage
U-shaped kitchen are ideal for creating a large amount of storage and allowing for a free flow of kitchen activity.

The U-shaped design for the kitchen is a popular remodeling idea because it creates a circular shape, just like a horseshoe. The U-shaped kitchen is like a galley kitchen, but with one end walled off and more space between the food prep area and your cooking surface.

Cabinets and counters are positioned against three of the kitchen walls. It has an open-concept floor plan that takes up the full area of the kitchen, providing a large and unrestricted working space right in the center.

Many people love the U-shaped kitchen because it gives a lot of cabinetry and counter space. Units surround the cook on three sides of a U-shaped layout with the top of the ‘U’ left open for a doorway or an open-plan living space.

If your kitchen space is big enough you can design a U-shaped kitchen with a dining area, or even have an island. It’s possible to make the lower arm of ‘u’ as a natural bay within a peninsula, so it can be reached from two opposite sides. It can be used as an addition to a breakfast bar or as a dual-sided storage object.

What Exactly Is a Peninsula?

U-Shaped kitchen with peninsula with an natural wood concept

A peninsula is an island that is connected by a wall on one side. This provides plenty of seating by extending from the countertop. This improvement actually will convert your U-shaped kitchen into a G-shaped kitchen. The good news is that both kitchen layouts offer the same amount of benefits.

U-shaped kitchens have an open-concept design that allows for one of the ‘U’s to be extended. Once you’ve done this, you can choose to add a counter and co-host events with friends of family, or simply chat about life over the stove. A peninsula provides a physical barrier between the kitchen and the living room while still retaining an open concept design.

A peninsula kitchen maximizes the space that’s available. It provides more storage, countertop surface area, and seating. If you have a small kitchen then this would be fantastic to use as it leaves lots of free space. Also, if you enjoy hosting people over for dinner, this is definitely the fridge for you!

Considerations for implementing a U-shaped kitchen layout

Utilizing Storage Space in Corners

Green u-shaped kitchen with peninsula that have breakfast bar
This U-shaped kitchen has a breakfast bar which separates the living area from the dining table. This creates an open space but also ensures a dividing line between work and home. Source : Life Kitchens

The design of a ‘U-shape’ kitchen means that you have an island and two areas of corner cabinets. These cabinets can be difficult to reach if they are poorly constructed. Many people end up leaving out their unused, which is a waste of valuable space.

You could solve this problem by buying cabinetry that fits into the corners of a space. This is worth considering, even in smaller kitchens. This way, you are able to easily access your corner cabinets.

The location of the primary kitchen sink

U-shaped kitchen with floral decoration and painting artwork
This kitchen has been given a bit of character with the addition of artwork, paint and a lovely floral arrangement.

If you have a window in one of the U-shaped walls, it is advisable to place the sink below it. This way you will get to enjoy the scenic views and let in natural light. You can even match it to your tile backsplash

It’s also advisable to place the sink between the kitchen sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. You can match your backsplash with a single bowl, farm-style or under-mount sink to suit your taste.

Create a U-shaped kitchen with tons of storage to fit your space.

Neutral small u-shaped kitchen design with floating cabinet
U-Shaped kitchen design can be used to enhance and give you more space for saving tools

You can choose to have the cabinets in a U-shaped kitchen of identical lengths or different lengths. A U-shaped kitchen can sometimes have a shorter wall in between two adjacent ones. A medium-sized U-shaped kitchen should have a counter that is approximately six feet away from the other.

The space between the counters and facing aisles in small kitchens is typically between 42 – 48 inches. The space between the counter edges in a large U-shaped kitchen should be at least 8 feet.

Small attic u-shaped kitchen design
U-shaped kitchen can flexibly fit your space, discuss your plan with designer to get best solution for this

Kitchen Color Pattern

Large blue u-shaped kitchen with peninsula in center of kitchen to make easy flow when cooking
Perfect color kitchen will boost your mood for cooking and will make your food more even tasty

When coming up with U-shaped design ideas, choose a color scheme that coordinates with the wall’s color. The color of the paint should be coordinated with the color of the walls and other items in unit, so that it makes the space seem larger. Ensure the tile on the backsplash matches the color of the room’s baseboard.

A great example is using a grey paint for a backsplash in a kitchen, not just for the tiles. Kitchens with all-white d├ęcor can also get a classy boost from dark wood. You can also use dark colored appliances to create a futuristic look in a white kitchen.

Choosing Kitchen Countertop Materials

Rustic u-shaped kitchen with wooden countertop material and bar stool
U-shaped kitchen don’t need always to be modern, rustic is can be a perfect choice too when you choosing material for kitchen

For materials to use in your kitchen design, consider different countertops that are durable. Granite countertops have a reputation for being both durable and scratch resistant.

Despite their benefits, they do require special attention. You will need to remove spills as soon as possible and wipe off any countertops with a neutral cleaner on a daily basis.

In addition to a basic countertop, Quartz is also the perfect choice for U-shaped kitchens with a peninsula. They come in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from, and the color is more consistent. This is great for helping find the best design features to suit your peninsula kitchen layout.

Quartz countertops are not only easy to clean, but also durable and can be a great addition for any kitchen.

The U-shaped kitchen has many advantages. Here are some of them:

The U-shaped kitchen is a modern take on the traditional kitchen. It features an island that is placed in the middle of the room and a counter with stools on one side. This layout allows for more socializing and collaboration between family members, as well as more space for cooking and preparation.

It also has some practical advantages: it provides more storage, it is easier to clean, and it saves space in the home.

You can create a workspace that is both large and productive.

Modern u-shaped kitchen with pair of monolithic islands
Modern u-shaped kitchen comes with flexibility and minimalist concept so you can cooking with more efficient. Source : Design Space London

Cooking dinner in a small kitchen can be very stressful. You need to move things around on your countertop in order to complete a small job. U-shaped kitchens can be one way to avoid this spillage problem.

A kitchen work triangle can save time and optimize your cooking routine. An efficient kitchen plan needs to include three major workspaces that form a triangle. These are the food preparation area, the refrigerator and the stove.

This triangle movement system in your kitchen helps you go from task to task more smoothly. U-shaped kitchens can help you create the perfect work triangle by utilizing three of the four sides and two corners, which lets you maximize your space.

Furthermore, owing to the fact that there are three counters on each side, it offers a lot of counter space.

Modern u-shaped kitchen design with breakfast bar
Modern concept kitchen is not only minimalist but also multifunction so you can save more space and do work more effectively

Enjoy Extra Storage Space with U-Shaped Kitchen

Kitchen with peninsula can work as two way, it can be dining table and as a cooking place
Not just enjoy your work in kitchen while cooking, but u-shaped kitchen give your eye a pleasant look

Working more efficiently and preventing clutter – a quick tip to make your kitchen more organized is to install an extra pantry or storage space.

The U-shaped design creates a three sided open space for storage. This makes it easy to install cabinets, shelves, and drawers all the way around. This will allow you to use some of your cupboard space for things like your kitchen appliances and tools.

The tools and appliances you use the most when cooking should be the ones that are closest to you. Make sure you discuss with your designer about how to make your storage spaces more practical.

U-shaped kitchen design with glow ambient from led placement
Not only just about the function, modern kitchen must have an attractive look too. This kitchen design look amazing with perfect placement of lamp


Having a kitchen with plenty of space and storage solutions is really good. The peninsula in the U-shaped kitchen gives you many options for how to put things and can also be used as extra seating.

This type of kitchen has more work space and provides lots of hidden storage within the recesses and island.

The design generally has three countertop areas, all of which are ideal for storing accessories, cooking food or having a sink location.

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